The Colorado Kid Book Review

“Mystery is my subject here, and I am aware that many readers will feel cheated, even angry, by my failure to provide a solution to the one posed. Is it because I had no solution to give? The answer is no…I’m not really interested in solution but in the mystery.”-SK


Bookstore Totals

  • Published October 4, 2005 by Hard Case Crime
  • 2007 The Colorado Kid was re-issued by PS Publishing as a limited edition hardback with 4 different covers by 3 different artists
  • The Colorado Kid was Stephen King’s first book under the Hard Case Crime imprint


Our novel this month is King’s first effort with Hard Case Crime publication. It’s a thin novel…not a deep novel. That’s the best way to describe Stephen King’s, The Colorado Kid. If you’re looking for ghosts, goblins, crazy killers, cell phone signals that turn people into maniacal zombies, go someplace else because this book aint it.

I want to go out and say that I liked this book. A lot. I read it in an hour or so. Sometimes I can read fast and sometimes not. But this book never go lagged at all and I never wanted to put it down. It’s one of those King books that you got to see through to the end even if you have to sit and read all day.colorado kid


Is this one of King’s most powerful books? No. Is it a book that will haunt you days after you read the last page? No again. But this is a King book that is high on mystery and even higher on entertainment value and escape. The overall theme of this novel: sometimes there’s not any answers…

Why does The Colorado Kid work:

1)           The Colorado Kid works because of this book’s subject matter. A man is discovered on a beach on a small island off the coast of Maine. No one knows who he is or how he got there. From this point, the story gets more and more stranger wrapped in a shroud of mystery. The mystery in this book is the driver. The mystery is why I kept reading.

2)         The Colorado Kid works because King doesn’t give us any closure to the story whatsoever. I get that. The reason The Colorado Kid came to the island in the first place is never discovered nor is why he left Colorado and his family. Some things, much like in life, you just will never know. Another one of King’s books is like this: From A Buick 8. At the end of both books, you still have no closure and have more questions than answers. Really is like real life…

3)          The Colorado Kid works because of the way the book was written. The story was told by two old timers that worked and ran the island’s newspaper, both reminiscing about an event that happened decades ago. Reading this book it was like I was sitting in the newspaper building and they were telling me the tale of the strange man that showed up dead on the beach. I felt very engaged by Vince and Dave as they told Steff about the mystery that they each recalled with clarity.

4)         The Colorado Kid works because this kind of thing happens all the time all over the world. Something happens and there’s no real explanation. Sure, people have theories and educated guesses, but at the heart of it all, some mysteries just don’t have any answers but more questions. And sometimes the mystery is way better than any solution can provide.

The Colorado Kid finishes strong at- 3/5 (Very Good)


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