Cycle of the Werewolf Book Review

“Any dedicated moon-watcher will know that, regardless of the year, I have taken a good many liberties with the lunar cycle-usually to take advantage of days (Valentine’s, July 4th, etc.) which mark certain months in our minds.”-SK


Bookstore Totals

  • Published in Nov. 1983 by Land of Enchantment as a hardback limited edition
  • Was published the same year that Pet Sematary and Christine were issued
  • The book was supposed to be a monthly calendar but King thought it would make a better book
  • In 1985 it was re-produced as a mass-market paperback to coincide with the movie adaptation, Silver Bullet


I can tell you what this book isn’t: it isn’t a deep and profound thought-provoking piece of fiction that often comes from Stephen King. This book is quite the opposite; it’s straight up entertainment, an escape for about an hour. It’s an in your face, month by month account of the going-ons of the residents of Tarker’s Mills fearing the full moon as a werewolf stalks the night.

This book is short but big on entertainment value. A hidden gem in the King library.

Why does Cycle of the Werewolf work?

1)    Cycle of the Werewolf works because it’s a really cool story about a werewolf preying upon a small town. Everyone is terrified but no one wants to admit what’s really the cause of all the grisly murders. King is not greedy on the gore.cycle of the werewolf

2)    Cycle of the Werewolf works because of Bernie Wrightson’s illustrations that walk us through King’s books. I love his depiction of the werewolf and overall tone he added with King’s words. I think that was a good combination for this book.

3)    Cycle of the Werewolf works because it’s just a fun book. It’s a book that you’d read on a cold night sitting on the couch with the lights dim. It doesn’t insist upon itself and King doesn’t dress it up to be something that it’s not.

4)    Cycle of the Werewolf works because it started out being a monthly calendar. And who else could take something like that and turn it into a book? Stephen King of course.

Cycle of the Werewolf howls- 3/5 (Very Good)


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