The Stephen King Book Tournament 2017

This year I’m doing something a little bit fun on the site…a Stephen King book/novella tournament.empty-brackets

Over on the Google plus, Stephen King Community

And over on Stephen King Forever on Google plus community

 you can vote for your favorite book(s) to move on in the tournament.  The most votes between the half week’s match-up moves on until a winner is crowned. There’s a field of 64 novels and novellas in this tournament. 17 Novellas and 1 novel didn’t make the cut this year. They are as follows:

  1. The Breathing Method
  2. Fair Extension
  3. Hearts in Atlantis
  4. The Library Policeman
  5. Morality
  6. Blockade Billy
  7. A Face in the Crowd
  8. The Ballad of the Flexible Bullet
  9. The Gingerbread Girl
  10. In the tall Grass
  11. Heavenly Shades of night are Falling
  12. Throttle
  13. Blind Willie
  14. Why we were in Vietnam
  15. The Sun Dog
  16. Everything’s Eventual
  17. Black House

The #1 seeded by region Books are followed:

  • The Dark Tower I: The Gunslinger (Mid World Region)
  • The Shining (The Overlook Hotel Region)
  • The Stand (Captain Trips Region)
  • IT (Derry Region)


Mid World Region:

The Dark Tower I vs Blaze

Carrie vs Dr. Sleep

Cujo vs The Langoliers

The Dark Tower II vs Thinner

Insomnia vs The Dark Half

The Body vs Finder’s Keepers

The Dead Zone vs Needful Things

The Tommyknockers vs Dreamcatcher


The Overlook Hotel Region:

The Shining vs Cell

Pet Semetary vs Revival

The Dark Tower III vs Misery

The Long Walk vs The Dark Tower V

Desperation vs Shawshank

End of Watch vs Gerald’s Game

Christine vs A Good Marriage

Firestarter vs The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon


Captain Trips Region:

The Stand vs N.

‘Salem’s Lot vs Under the Dome

Mr. Mercedes vs The Colorado Kid

Apt Pupil vs Roadwork

The Dark Tower VI vs The Green Mile

Rose Madder vs The Dark Tower VII

Big Driver vs UR

Secret Window, Secret Garden vs The Wind Through the Keyhole


Derry Region

IT vs The Regulators

Bag of Bones vs Joyland

Rage vs The Dark Tower IV

Lisey’s Story vs From a Buick 8

Gwendy’s Button Box vs 1922

The Talisman vs Duma Key

Riding the Bullet vs Eyes of the Dragon

Cycle of the Werewolf vs The Running Man



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