The Stephen King Article Graveyard

On this page are some of the coolest articles about Stephen King that I’ve read. Take a look around and see what you think about them. Always adding more.
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What is Stephen King Trying to Prove?


Should Stephen King Get More Credit As A Writer From Literary Critics?
Stephen King on Adapting His Own Book
My Stephen King Problem
October 2006 Stephen King Interview
the Paris Review: The Art of Fiction, No. 189
2012: The Gospel of Stephen King
1998: Stephen King Unleashed

A 1970’s Interview w/Stephen King

Stephen Talks Religion, Politics and The Stand from 2008

Writing Adivce From Stephen King and Jerry Jenkins


Stephen King’s Writing Life


Has Stephen King ‘Dumb Down’ Readers?


Stephen King on Drinking and his Return to The Shining


Stephen King Talks Firestarter, Parenting and the Possible 
Existence of Shadow Governments-1981


Stephen King Interview About New Novel ‘Bag of Bones’-1998


The Business of Stephen King


Stephen King Talks Joyland


Frank Darabont on Adapting Stephen King’s Work


Stephen King and Peter Straub Discuss Writing The Talisman,,20089786,00.html


Stephen King Interview (Very Short) from 1979 NY Times


Stephen King talks John F. Kennedy, time traveling and his novel, 11/22/63


The Stephen King Interview in The Rolling Stone (2014)


Is Stephen King A Great Writer?


The Business of Stephen King


Stephen King Talks Dreamcatcher Being Adapted Into A New Film (2003)


The Stephen King World A-Z (Rolling Stone 2014)


The Death of the man that nearly killed Stephen King


Stephen King’s Childhood Inspirations for The Body (Stand By Me)


Stephen King Talks Revival, Baseball and Retirement (2014)


Stephen King’s 22 Lessons For Being A Great Writer (2014)


Stephen King Book Tour (Audio) at George Washington University (2014)


King Talks to Time Magazine About His 10 Longest Books (2009)

Stephen King on NPR in 1992 discussing Gerald’s Game


Stephen King Talks Christine (1984)


Stephen King Discusses Duma Key (2008; USA Today)


Stephen King Talks to NPR About 11/22/63 (2011)


Stephen King On His Addictions, His Life and Being Viewed As A Serious Writer (2000)



Stephen King Talks About Lisey’s Story (2006)

Stephen King Interview With Goodreads About Revival (2014)


Stephen Interview with The New Yoker About New Short: A Death


Stephen King’s Lisey’s Story Article (2006 Salon)


King Talks early life, online publishing and drinking (2000)


7 Stories That Stephen King Will Not Publish


An Article About King’s Joyland and Doctor Sleep Novels and How King Is Beginning To Write Characters That Climb The Rope Of Hope


Stephen King’s Stance Aginst E-Books



Interview w/Jake Tapper on Nightline 2007


Stephen King and Owen King Talk Working Together on, Sleeping Beauties